Grab Bag Day 3: Trip Photo

13 Sep

Another personal photo as shorty prompt, this one of the outrageous bed in our room in an Ogunquit B&B. I laughed in glee when I saw that thing and snapped my first picture of the trip before de-pillowing. It took a good 20 minutes to find out-of-the-way places to store all the pillows on that bed. As for the shorty, good idea but poor execution, despite much, much time invested. Next.

Working Title: Meatloaf Night
1st Sentence: Saturday Glen was schmoozing clients all day—at least that’s what he’d said.
Favorite Sentence: He would feel the earring with his tongue, pull it from his mouth, and hold it out to her in shock, and she would say, “Oh, that’s Jessica’s,” like, whatever, of course her earring is in your dinner.
Word Length: 1,665

Photo Hartwell House, Ogunquit, Maine, Polly Reed room, 9/2012.

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