Grab Bag Day 2: SPARK

12 Sep

Well, I’m very sad as I write this. I’m participating in this round of my friend Amy Souza’s project SPARK, in which writers and artists inspire (spark) each other to create something new within a span of 10 days. I knew I’d be using my SPARK partner Rachel Morton’s art as my writing prompt for the day’s shorty, which is why I’m doing a grab bag of prompts this week. All good. But Rachel’s piece (pictured here) inspired by far the saddest story I have ever written—and I go dark easy, believe me. I think it’s a very good thing that I will be forced to create something new tomorrow and the next day and the next. It will prevent me from living too much with this character I (and Rachel) have created. He makes me weep.

Working Title: Welcome Home
1st Sentence: That expression he used to get on his face—when he was thinking back, we just knew he was, to those lost years.
Favorite Sentence: The boy held his breath and studied those boots, framed in the oval of rough fabric, so close he could see the exact shape of each ragged drop of red.
Word Length: 952

Photo by Rachel Morton of her work.

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