Poem Series Day 6

2 Sep

This one took forever to write. Might be a keeper with a good revision but I was glad to be done with it for now, after a long night. I took my inspiration from one specific and very simple image in the poem “Men Swear” by Matthew Thorburn (from Every Possible Blue, CW Books). Who knows why the phrase and image lingered: yellow pocket square. Here are the first four lines of the poem to tease you: “I misread on the UP escalator / at Macy’s and things go downhill / from there. Now starchy / as a white shirt, now neat as a pleat”

Working Title: Stalker Angel
1st Sentence: As stalkers go, he was a good choice.
Favorite Sentence: A few shouts, some jabbering, a tangle of suit coats and salt-and-pepper hairlines converged on the boy and Mr. Apperson.
Word Length: 2,322

Photo: Yuji_Naka_Tokyo_Game_Show_2008.jpg: switchstyle; derivative work: Tachymètre & Leovilok.

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