Poem Series Day 5: Maria’s back!

1 Sep

Ahh, another excuse to post a picture of my darling Maria. Bad lighting and apologies for the husband’s foot, but you can see that she is ridiculously adorable. Today’s shorty was inspired by my current favorite of the terrific poems I’ve been pulling from Poetry Daily as prompts for my writing, “6220 Camp Street” by Amanda Auchter, from The Wishing Tomb, Perugia Press. First stanza as teaser: “The morning of the strange wind, / I opened tin cans, / scooped chicken livers into pie plates. The city”

Working Title: Operation Rescue
1st Sentence: She ran it through her head while she was showering, watching TV, making a grilled cheese, pedaling to nowhere on an exercise bike: UP in one smooth motion, sneakers on, shake pillow from its case, fetch cat carrier from laundry room, stuff pillow case into carrier, grab Spinnet and put him into carrier, car keys, purse, OUT.
Favorite Sentence: We rehearse the mother-living-fuck out of the fastest decamp this side of a panty-raid and all is right with the world.
Word Length: 1,264

Photo taken this summer by Pat, who forgot to move his foot.

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