For My Friend Jen Hicks

10 Aug

Jen: You said, “creamed corn, creamed corn, creamed corn.” I listened. Re the shorty, this a perfect example of a story I can’t imagine having written before this story-a-day experiment. Very little happens, it’s kind of sentimental, and it has a pleasant little ending. So… elaborate, snarky, slightly foul-mouthed Hallmark greeting card? Or small, worthy story about a quiet moment between a (snarky, slightly foul-mouthed) couple with a defiantly positive ending in a world clogged with disillusion? Probably the former. Either way, another day marked off and on to the next.

Working Title: The Little Things
1st Sentence: We’re waiting for the movie to start, grazing on popcorn and clutching our sodas, big-eyed and doped on salt and grease and corn syrup, staring at the trivia bullshit on the screen.
Favorite Sentence: They don’t even have the decency to put up enough material to last, say, fifteen minutes, so every time I come here I end up auto-reading, oh, twenty-seven times, the delightful fact that Mr. Action Man’s favorite food is creamed corn, or Ms. Has-Been Maybelline Ad was a cheerleader in high school (her pom poms, I read somewhere, were smaller then).
Word Length: 817

Photo by Stu Spivack.

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