Surprised by an easy one!

9 Aug

Two easy ones in a row, after a couple of weeks of feeling drained, and talk of limping in my last post. I learned in May that I can write a story even while totally exhausted. I learned in June that I can do it even if I’ve been exhausted for days. I’m still amazed by that. I suppose the next—sad—question is: Can I write a story if I’ve been exhausted for weeks? I hope I don’t have to find out.

Working Title: Mr. and Mrs. Midnight Movie
1st Sentence: The middle-aged man says, “I’m so glad we finally made it to this restaurant. Everything was delicious and the service was great.”
Favorite Sentence: Because the absolute most boring couple he has ever waited on in an instant transforms into Mr. and Mrs. Midnight Movie, because he can’t imagine what this pasty, balding, lemon-shaped man could possibly have done to inspire such passion from this angular, frizzed-out, over-painted woman, because he has never seen anyone throw a drink in someone’s face, before, not in real life, the waiter stares at the two napkins on the floor, forgetting entirely the unpaid bill.
Word Length: 606

Photo of a movie poster advertising “Saturday Night,” 1922.

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