Three Months of Stories!!!

31 Jul

Hell yes! A quarter! I’ve written a story a day for an ENTIRE quarter! And just to add to my bliss, I really enjoyed working on my story today. Took a while to get the idea but I was patient and kept revisiting it. Finished it up with a nice polish tonight. Yeehaw! Now stand back while I cut this gorgeous “tiramisu cake” that appeared at a fabulous wedding reception attended by my friend Mark.

Working Title: That Kind of Relationship
1st Sentence: I think he knows.
Favorite Sentence: They complete their tax forms to the best of their combined ability, they try not to snack too much, and they look forward to events like a new Mystery series on PBS or the opening of a new café downtown.
Word Length: 712

Thanks to Mark and his sister Amy for this and yesterday’s yummy picture. And thanks to every man, woman, and child who has the talent to create such delectable treats. You make the world a better place, my friends. Mmmm.

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