Goodbye Week 13!

30 Jul

Enjoy with me a delicious, custardy shortcake, to celebrate the close of another week. I’m feeling… Olympian. And resourceful because I started this shorty in the parking lot while waiting for a doctor’s appointment, added to it in the grocery store parking lot while waiting for the husband to fetch one more thing, and finished it at home during the commercial breaks from men’s gymnastics. True, I took a huge hop on the landing, but that’s just a one-tenth deduction….

Working Title: Inheritance
1st Sentence: On My Mother’s Side: She had green eyes—that’s where I got mine—and she loved curry.
Favorite Sentence: I am zero for three on nuts, institutionalization, shock therapy.
Word Length: 683

Thanks to my friend Mark and his sister Amy for a picture of the yummiest looking dessert I’ve seen in a long time.

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