Hello Week 13!

24 Jul

Feeling much better today, so enjoy with me my reward for yesterday closing out my 12th week of the Daily Shorty challenge! (Forgive me for tearing into my sweet potato pie before I’ve served yours. You see how delicious it is, how could I resist?) So, wow. 12 weeks. Both amazed and ho-hum. Amazed because I thought 1 week would be tough and 1 month likely impossible. Ho-hum because this challenge has become something I just have to do. Very tough day Sunday, though—I just didn’t want to write a story that day and resisted doing so until late. I’ve had a few tough days before but I was more adolescent about it Sunday. Not looking forward to worse days than that but of course they’re coming. And hopefully more days like today: The shorty came to me quickly, I wrote it with ease, and I like it. Thank you, can I have another?

Working Title: By the Numbers
1st Sentence: He’s not sure when the counting began but he knows it was while he was a child because he has a distinct memory of his mother hurling her usual fury at him in the kitchen—something about a dirty cereal bowl, a ring of milk on the counter—while he fixed his gaze to the ceiling tile.
Favorite Sentence: Their dining room floor is made up of 14 wide, wooden planks, burnished to silky blond-brown, gleaming with varnish—3 coats, he happens to know.
Word Length: 387

Photo by Ernesto Andrade, San Francisco, CA, November 2005

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