Tiptoeing out of the week….

23 Jul

Feeling sick as I write this so I don’t have the stomach to post a picture of a luscious dessert. If I’m feeling better, I’ll celebrate tomorrow the close of one more week—today makes TWELVE. If I felt better, I’d be amazed. As for today’s shorty, there is nothing wrong with it. Also nothing right. She’s settling into the hard drive as I finish this post. Make a soft place for yourself, my dear, because you won’t be leaving.

Working Title: Her Specialty
1st Sentence: She made a stirred crust in the pie pan, using a fork, then pressed the dough into the dish with her fingers.
Favorite Sentence: She mashed her share of sweet potatoes for granny, floured her share of chicken for the bubbling oil in that old spider skillet, chopped a bale of cabbage for slaw.
Word Length: 508

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