One Long Session

17 Jul

I talked about my usual practice yesterday so naturally today I did something completely different. Found myself unusually appointment-free for the day and I knew I wanted to do some site work this evening, so I started on the shorty first thing and worked on it all day, taking occasional short breaks. Done (just) before 5:00 PM! But my every nerve is loaded with today’s shorty and my eyes are completely blurred over from screen-fatigue. It’ll be nice to relax with the husband tonight and maybe that site work can wait….

Working Title: Rent-a-Bot
1st Sentence: Based on your personality profile, the head shot you provided, and the needs articulated for this outing, we have selected three possible companions.
Favorite Sentence: Alexander smiles through it, swallows, wipes his mouth with the napkin, then says, “Take care of this, will you?” and shoves it into Robert’s breast pocket, while leaning over him in a vaguely threatening, did-you-notice-how-tall-I-am way.
Word Length: 2,093

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