Writing Practice

16 Jul

First things first: A pecan cinnamon roll for me as a congrats for completing Week 11! Yahoo! And now a word to friends who have been asking how I manage my daily writing practice: It’s ideal if I can hit my story 3 times each day. When I first wake up (I write while I’m still in bed), after lunch, and before I go to sleep (again, writing in bed). Often I get only two of those and if I can only have two, I want first thing in the morning and then just before I go to bed. I get ideas best when I first wake up, and I need the distance of a good 14 or 15 hours, if I can have it, to find the entire story. Of course my daily practice would look different if I didn’t have to complete a story each day. But should it? I couldn’t establish a consistent practice before, so how would I know what works?

Working Title: Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head, Innkeepers
1st Sentence: When she was nine, Nita married Mr. and Miss Potato Head, then made them a house.
Favorite Sentence: The Potato Heads met occasionally in the kitchen, by accident—Mr. standing over the sink as he shoveled a bowl of shredded wheat into his mouth, staring out the kitchen window; Mrs. pushing eggs around in a pan, letting them get hard and crumbly while she slipped into a couple of minutes of relative peace that felt something like sleep.
Word Length: 1,578

Photo by Flickr user Lara, March 2009.

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