Oh my! Two Months!

30 Jun

With all the excitement of getting the husband home from the airport and going out to dinner to celebrate his big promotion I… unbelievably… FORGOT that this is the last day of my SECOND month! A gorgeous banana split for me! My shorty today was quiet, a bit strange, and, yet again, one that I figured out with each new line. Maybe writing a story every day for this long mandates this new kind of process? Time will tell. Check out my Story Facts + page for a geeky take on the month of June.

Working Title: The I-Love-My-Kid Side
1st Sentence: 3:12 AM.
Favorite Sentence: Again she’s struck by how garish it is, mostly due to the glitter mixed into it but also because the shade of pink makes her think of cheap prom dresses, junk candy, Barbie shoes.
Word Length: 880

Photo by Newsum, July 2006.

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