More Lists! And some resistance.

29 Jun

This is the first day I’ve actively resisted the work. I know it’s because the husband is traveling and because we got some big news last night I haven’t absorbed yet. After too much dawdling, I wrote another quirky shorty I figured out as I went along. I couldn’t find a way to deepen this one, even after making up for the dawdling by sitting on it for quite some time. Still: Done!

Working Title: Lists
1st Sentence: Of the ten sights everyone should see in person, she has seen only one.
Favorite Sentence: And she realizes, as the speaker of Arabic must, as the speaker of Chinese surely does, that choosing the ten most important words of any language is foolhardy, absurd, unnerving, doomed, fickle, pedantic, unhelpful, conceited, preening, and overweening.
Word Length: 410

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