Week 3 done! And still more yellow.

21 May

A virtual piece of lemon chess pie for me, to celebrate the completion of week 3! And this pie saves us from another block of yellow. Surely three stories about yellow are enough to cleanse the mental palate?? Again, I pushed really hard to get something I like. But also again—probably not destined for submission, this story. Check out May’s Story Facts + page for a geeky look at the week.

Working Title: Woman on a Bench
1st Sentence: A woman rests on a park bench.
Favorite Sentence: Because she is so young and lovely, because the yellow in her dress is the same melted butter shine reflected in her sunglasses, because that tomato is so summer sweet and about to burst its tight skin, no one, passing by, sees beyond her, the shopping bag.
Word Length: 1,040

Photo by Flckr user Stacy, March 2010

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