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Poetry Day 2

30 Jan

The Iowa Review CoverThat’s more like it. Another shorty that doesn’t sing but it’s got potential, it’s about something real. After days of lackluster word-pushing, that’s what I need right now, a few pieces that remind me of why I write. Today’s piece was inspired by “Rapprochement” by Geoffrey Nutter, published by The Iowa Review, Winter 2012/13 (pictured here). I found the poem at Poetry Daily. Your teaser in four lines: I awoke as from a dream. And I rose / near dawn, boiled and drank the blood-colored tea / sweetened with berries and wild honey, / and started to compose a lengthy list

Working Title: Fantasy Dining
1st Sentence: Scott said that he would love to do pizza and beer with Benjamin Franklin and find out once and for all if the electricity stunt with the key was made up.
Favorite Sentence: I want to have a meal with the sixteen-year-old you, when you had that teenage mix of stupid and whip-smart, when you weren’t scared, yet, of putting your hands out to feel the shapes of things, to blurt anything on your mind.
Word Length: 605

The Iowa Review (Winter 2102/13) cover photo from iowareview.org.