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Grab Bag! Day 1: A Headline

11 Sep

I just completed four weeks of using various kinds of prompts to inspire stories, including personal photos, place, poems, songs. This week I’ll do a grab bag of prompts, using a different kind each day. Today I decided to use a headline, something I’ll try for a week soon. I went to my go-to news site, Salon.com, and read the article with the first headline I saw, “Ryan: The lyin’ king” by Jillian Rayfield and Salon Staff. Then I wrote the shorty immediately afterwards. My story, as it happens, has nothing to do with politics nor Paul Ryan.

Working Title: One Man’s Guide
1st Sentence: This is how you end up spending your fifteen minutes of fame as a national joke.
Favorite Sentence: Deb is a limited person who found a niche in accounting and thank goodness because she might otherwise be in a halfway house somewhere, playing Hearts in baggy pink sweatpants.
Word Length: 1,065

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