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Your Assignment: An Ad Story!

10 Apr

It’s Market Monday and I’m crafting micro “ad stories” by the light of a match….

My plan for today was to post my picture of a favorite birthday cake, then wish myself a happy birthday and take the day off at Daily Shorty. But on a random Web jaunt, I stumbled over a delightful submissions opportunity that I have to share: The online journal matchbook is calling for “Ad Story” submissions, deadline April 30.

For the fourth time (where have I been??) “matchbook will publish very tiny stories in the form of Google Ads found next to search results and on websites in an attempt to use the advertising system to work for art rather than against it.” WHAT?! Oh my goodness. I’m smitten.

Read the full guidelines (the requirements are very specific) then check out their archived Ad Stories for inspiration.

Some of these story bits read like poetry, others like jokes, still others like lovely or jarring hints at full narratives. I would link my favorites, but they’re all collected on that same archives page, and anyway they’re so short, you can eat all of them up in only a few minutes. Enjoy! And then wrangle yourself some little bitty stories.

They’ll take as many as four, so get busy!