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A Week of Poem Prompts!

28 Aug

My weeks at Daily Shorty start on Tuesdays. I just finished a week of stories inspired by place, and that followed a week of stories inspired by photos. Now poetry. Many thanks to the folks at Poetry Daily, who post a terrific poem every day. I have made a small contribution as a proper thank you and I hope you will do the same if you are as wowed by their site as I am. Today’s poem is “Looking into Motion’s Larkin” by Lee Rossi, published in the New Orleans Review Volume 38, Number 1. First stanza teaser:  “No matter how slowly you read the life / it speeds past. His parents wed. Soon he’s born. / Then school, and Oxford, a taste for porn. / Then jobs, the many women (but no wife)”

Working Title: Not the Moon
1st Sentence: When we were kids, Jackie’s toys were newer, shinier, their colors more intense.
Favorite Sentence: My mother believed smiles cost her something and that woman thought of little else but price.
Word Length: 417

Photo by Oliver Herold, July 2007.