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A Trifle

3 Jun

I particularly enjoyed my writing session today. Wrote a light story purely for fun. I’m trying to think of published stories that are meant to serve as an entertaining, pleasant read, and right now the only ones I can come up with are short-shorts: Paul Theroux’s “Acknowledgments,” Robin Hemley’s “Reply All,” Patricia Marx’s “Audio Tour” and “Pledge Drive,” Tessa Brown’s “In Reference to Your Recent Communications” (all anthologized in one or another of the Sudden Fiction collections edited by Robert Shapard and James Thomas).

Working Title: Pratfall
1st Sentence: First he tried to win her with his humor but Meredith doesn’t laugh much, mainly at her own jokes, otherwise mostly at slapstick.
Favorite Sentence: And then thirsty again and then angry again and damned if he didn’t upset her so much she snapped a nail, one of the more important ones, a thumb.
Word Length: 951

Photo from Wikimedia Commons here.