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Poem Series Day 2

29 Aug

Two shorties inspired by poems, five to go. I was very happy with this story and worked hard to find the right ending, but it never came. Right now I’m thinking the last third of this one is likely to be replaced in revision. The poem that inspired this shorty is “Heroic Sentences,” by Kimberly Grey, published by the Colorado Review, Summer 2012. First four lines as a teaser: “Little crumbs and tree and bone / and all that’s left of time inside / our bodies and I am insatiable / when it comes to saving you,”

Working Title: What Say You?
1st Sentence: My friend Lorna and her soon to be ex-husband Bill held a funeral for their marriage.
Favorite Sentence: Lorna had called from Italy at 3:00 in the morning—what, three years ago, now—drunk on limoncello and bawling about how Bill hated cheese and said she should grow her hair long.
Word Length: 1,142

Photo by Jgromine1, May 2012.