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Grab Bag Day 7: A Poem + Becky

17 Sep

Enjoy with me this cinnamon-hazelnut stick as I say goodbye to Week 20! Yeehaw! My favorite prompt week so far has been the one using poetry. As I did before, today I got my prompt from the site Poetry Daily. Their poem for today, “What Next,” by Frederick Seidel (Nice Weather, Farrar, Straus and Giroux), inspired today’s shorty, along with a remark my friend Becky made Saturday afternoon. Thanks Becky! First two lines of the poem as a teaser: “So the sun is shining blindingly but I can sort of see. / It’s like looking at Mandela’s moral beauty.”

Working Title: September Sky
1st Sentence: It’s so pretty in September, she said, when the sky gets darker.
Favorite Sentence: And she said, no, I got lost in a shopping mall as an adult.
Word Length: 428

Treat from Forage Market in Lewiston, Maine, 8/2012.