Something New

17 Apr

WingsLove the idea for this story, which I woke up with and then thought about all day. I’ll describe it as a guardian angel tale gone awry. But the execution is sloppy and rushed, with some gaps I’ll need to fill when I come back. Still, I’m happy to see something fresh from my fevered mind. I had completely forgotten it, of course (I’m writing this story post 5 days later). Well, it’s good to leave something I’ll need to chew hard for later.

Working Title: Wings
1st Sentence: I have not been to mass for, oh, almost ten years.
Favorite Sentence: Jesus, just because a woman happens to have wings.
Word Length: 753

Photo of Victorian funerary art in a church cemetery in the U.K. by Alan Murray-Rust 3/2009.

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