Hard Day, Hard Shorty

15 Apr

Incense SmokeI’m writing this story post on Monday, April 22. When I wrote the shorty for April 15, I started it at an afternoon writing session with my friend Patty. I tried three different ideas that afternoon. When I got home I discovered the news of the Boston Marathon bombing and couldn’t focus on work again until very late. When I did, I kept trying new starts until something finally took hold. I think it was 3:00-ish AM by the time I cut out the light, still sad from the day’s news. I suppose because my mind was on other things and the story was so hard to get out of myself, it’s a surprise to me now, reading it. Who wrote that? Anyway, it’s not terrible. With revision, maybe it can be good one day.

Working Title: Cleanse
1st Sentence: What spiraled up with the pungent smoke?
Favorite Sentence: Lord, what did I breathe into my nostrils, and then deep into my lungs, to settle there, to take root, to flower into the space I need for air?
Word Length: 223

Photo by ampersandyslexia 1/2009.

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