Extreme Fatigue Inspires Play?

12 Apr

Mata HariI’m weathering another small crush of fatigue and I keep wondering just why this project is so tiring. On the one hand it seems like common sense that it would be—when I tell other writers I have written a story every day for these many months, they are stunned. Right, of course, because we know how hard it is to craft a complete piece. But on the other hand… why is it not just as hard to simply write for several hours every day? The pressure to create a new piece each day, plus the pressure to complete it, add up (after many weeks) to a very, very tired brain, but I have no idea if a pyschologist or neurologist could explain why those pressures should be so fatiguing. Anyway, I’m very pleased to say that for the first time in several weeks, I had a lot of fun writing the day’s shorty, which I approached in a really playful way, and that, this late in the game, feels like an enormous victory.

Working Title: Mata Hari’s Head
1st Sentence: Mata Hari’s head’s gone missing.
Favorite Sentence: In the first week of the timeframe in question, at least fourteen museum visitors carried a bag or backpack in which a plexiglass box containing a head might be concealed.
Word Length: 1,288

Photo is a scan from a magazine, 1910. Author unknown.

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