Poorly Executed

3 Mar

Statue MarsI remember loving the idea for this shorty about a man who for no reason starts hearing the thoughts of people who are speaking to him. A bad movie cliché, I know, but I like the way I’d envisioned the story unfolding. But the execution is terrible, and not just because I had to leave some gaps. Maybe I’ll come back to it, maybe I won’t.

Working Title: Truth Echo
1st Sentence: The first time it happened he was on the phone with his landlord and he thought there was a break in the line, that someone else’s conversation was leaking through.
Favorite Sentence: “It’s not right you should be cold like that,” he said, and then Lanny heard, Freeze your balls off for all I care.
Word Length: 713

Photo (10/2008) of Schadow’s sculpture of the Roman god Mars, source of “March” as the name of our third month.

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