Good Potential!

27 Feb

Froot LoopsI write a lot about people who seem to be losing it. Recently a friend recommended that I not submit a story about a patient in a mental institution to a contest because she thinks editors are leary of stories “about the disturbed.” My experience in publishing says she’s probably right about that, yet pretty often my characters mentally deconstruct on the page. What’s a girl to do? Anyway, I like this one. It’ll be fun to come back to it and better shape it, fill in the gaps.

Working Title: Message
1st Sentence: I’m seeing it everywhere, now.
Favorite Sentence: She was upset about the latest memo on comp-time specifying exactly what is meant by “comp-time” (hint: there is no such thing as comp-time).
Word Length: 1,025

Photo of Froot Loops by Zanastardust 10/2007.

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