Another Week. Whew.

18 Feb

Banana Coconut PieWell, I ended the week on a high note. I’m not sure this story is in its final form but it’s got a lot of energy and promise and it’s one I’ll enjoy coming back to. To mark the accomplishment of finishing Week 42, a piece of banana coconut cream pie with a cashew graham crust and chocolate and caramel sauce.

Working Title: The Manifest
1st Sentence: Judith had just emerged from the swimsuit section—where she had stared at and occasionally handled various suits but had been unable to summon the will to actually try one on—when a young, ponytailed woman in jeans and a plain teeshirt walked over to her, holding out a piece of paper.
Favorite Sentence: But right now, in this small, sun-warm pause in years of icy clutch, she forced herself to meditate on the answer to Senior’s question.
Word Length: 986

Photo by Katherine Lynch 1/2009.

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