A Little Better

13 Feb

TattooOccasionally I see a pretty tattoo and I think, “Why not?” You only live once. But then I think… PERMANENT. And that word is enough to scare me away. Just further proof that I was born with the sensibility of a middle-aged woman in mom-jeans. Anyway, thinking about tattoos today led to a piece that isn’t great but has potential when I can come back to it.

Working Title: Tats
1st Sentence: When you are 20 and your ass is a couple of round rocks carried high on your hips, it seems like a great idea to decorate those sweet cheeks with a couple of pretty tattoos.
Favorite Sentence: At that age you think nothing of sleeping on concrete to make a statement against oppression—shit, you’ll sleep on concrete just to get better concert tickets.
Word Length: 445

Photo by Bur 4/2005.

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