No Heart

9 Feb

The night I wrote this shorty (I’m typing this post on February 21) I was watching our kitty Maria very closely because she appeared to be going into a severe decline. That can happen very quickly for an elderly cat who has been slowing down more noticeably over the months, as she’d been doing. Most of that day she seemed much her usual self. Anyway, I was excited about this story when I started it—and I think it might one day be a keeper—but by the time I was writing the ending, which definitely needs work, I was almost certain we’d be saying goodbye to Maria the next day, and I didn’t much care about what I was putting on the page. No heart for a photo on this one because I associate so much sadness with this shorty.

Working Title: Little Lady Lucy
1st Sentence: New day, new e-dating site, new profile.
Favorite Sentence: Because HE is probably ugly, a pimply slob with a comb-over and a girl-butt!
Word Length: 954

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