Story Scrap

21 Dec

Eye ShadowAhh, back to that long, over-ambitious, unfinish-able story that partly launched this challenge. Not long after getting my MFA, I started on a linked collection of stories set here in Maine (I’m a transplant from NC). I poured my heart into it and I have written, oh, 60 or 70 pages of material for the “launch” story and other characters and situations I want to develop. But almost three years later I still hadn’t completed that first story and couldn’t find my way out of it. Nor could I finish any other story-in-progress, which is mostly why I committed to writing a story every day in May, yada yada. The day’s shorty is a re-worked excerpt from that unfinished story. I have no idea why, in the middle of working on a lackluster something-else, I remembered this chunk and was inspired to make a shorty of it, but there you go.

Working Title: Watching Her
1st Sentence: She waits.
Favorite Sentence: Yes, of course she points, of course she will not speak unless you look directly into her frosted eyes, a girl like that.
Word Length: 314

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