Still going!

20 Nov

The handful of you subscribed to this blog know that I missed a few days of posts (I’m writing this on Sunday, November 25). The Thanksgiving holiday overtook me, I’m afraid, but not entirely—I have kept up with my story-a-day commitment, and today I’ll catch up with my posts, backdating as usual so that the date I wrote the story matches the date of the post. I’m not using prompts this week, just letting inspiration come from wherever. This shorty was inspired by grocery shopping, though that doesn’t show in what I have here.

Working Title: Pop Quiz
1st Sentence: Jonathan, a med student who could eat fish tacos for dinner every single day of his life and never get tired of them, is smitten with Katie, a former competitive swimmer who works the front desk at the art museum and is thinking seriously about going to library school.
Favorite Sentence: All four names are associated with white, Anglo-Saxon-ish, Christian-ey people who grew up with back yards and placemats and bed skirts.
Word Length: 781

Photo by KF 6/2005.

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