An All-Day Struggle

11 Nov

You’d think that after 6 months of this I’d have so many tricks up my sleeve that I could just sling a story to the page and then waltz off to do whatever moves me. You’d be wrong. I still have days now and again where I work and work and work, all day long, taking food and small entertainment breaks, on getting one simple story to the page. But I did it, dammit, and I sort of like the story, too.

Working Title: That Kid Thing
1st Sentence: True, she shouldn’t have stopped taking the pill without telling him.
Favorite Sentence: If you want to throw a knuckle ball—that’s a good one, Sam, because the ball will do strange things, take the batter totally off guard—you put your fingers on the ball like so, you use your thumb for balance, and you let the ball roll of your fingernails.
Word Length: 602

Photo by Schyler at en.wikipedia.

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