Um… 6 months. Yipes.

31 Oct

I am shocked and thrilled that I have written a story every single day for six months straight. And honestly, I’m afraid to say much more than that. Taking this project one day at a time has been crucially important since, oh, I finished May, so I’m not going to change tactics now. As for my virtual celebration treat, is it not exquisite?? I wanted to put up a picture of caramel apples—my all-time favorite Halloween treat—but although I bought the stuff to make them, I wound up devoting that time to watching a couple of Halloween-themed shows the husband and I love. And I couldn’t find a good picture online that I was free to use. So this fabulous caramel apple cheesecake will just have to do. I can’t say I’m disappointed. As for the day’s shorty, it was inspired both by a “page weight” my husband handed me this morning, an object archivists use to hold down the page of a book that shouldn’t be touched by the reader, and by Halloween. The page weight looks and feels like nothing so much as an oddly weighted shoe string, which inspired the first line of the story.

Working Title: Through the Veil
1st Sentence: I don’t see her at first because I’m hunched on the sidewalk, yet again re-tying my shoe.
Favorite Sentence: As I round another corner I see the little ones, today’s little ones, leaving their houses with moms and dads and big sisters, glitzed up in princess outfits and velvety leopard print and big-toed bird suits with gauzy feathers—the people in this neighborhood are a bit too costume-proud if you ask me, but hey, Halloween’s for showing off, I guess.
Word Length: 770

Photo by Flickr user Everett Mar 10/2008.

2 Responses to “Um… 6 months. Yipes.”

  1. cynthia November 2, 2012 at 8:43 PM #

    Congratulations! Amazing accomplishment.

    • Claire Guyton November 4, 2012 at 10:43 PM #

      Feeling too weird right now. Like I only half-believe it. Or like if I believe it I might falter. Nothing to see here, folks….

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