Leslie Anderson Paintings Day 4

19 Oct

I hope my Maine writer friends will be entering this short story contest sponsored by the Maine Writers & Publishers Association and Shanti Arts Publishing. I’m so glad they’re teaming up to do this. Wrote the day’s shorty in response to Anderson’s Porch Reader.

Working Title: Porch Scam
1st Sentence: If you stay on the porch, reading, then you won’t have to weigh in on who asked first for the ocean front bedroom, who contributed more to the cost of the rental, which news channel is more fair, who washed up last night after dinner, how much coffee should go in the filter—two tablespoons per six ounces or eight.
Favorite Sentence: What is the statute of limitations on wounded feelings and how much time do you serve for favoring one son over the other, for preferring one son’s wife, the one who gave you grandkids?
Word Length: 300

Photo by John Vachon for Farm Security Administration/WPA 7/1941.

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