4th Haystack Story: Chair Art

28 Sep

I was at Haystack for a cultural summit that took place over about a 24-hour period. When we summiters woke up the second day and headed to the dining hall, we discovered a treat: Some of our brethren (I think they were all men) stayed up late the night before and with the help of some high-octane inspiration they set to work on… chair sculptures! This is one of the four they made. The protagonist of the day’s shorty handcrafts chairs from reclaimed materials.

Working Title: Reclaimed
1st Sentence: To use it right he would have to find it beautiful.
Favorite Sentence: On his hands and knees he hammered the thing into chunks and flying splinters, he crushed every bright red piece of it into the wet grass and then deeper into the dirt until he couldn’t see any of it.
Word Length: 819

Photo taken at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts 9/2012.

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