2nd Haystack Story: Cookie Jar

26 Sep

In the dining room the lovely folks at Haystack kept a huge cookie jar and a bowl of cider, as well as carafes of coffee and hot water for tea. When I discovered this a man was reaching into the cookie jar and looked at me, shouting, “World’s biggest cookie jar!”—I was annoyed that I didn’t have my camera handy. The next day the cookie jar was in the kitchen, so I snapped this photo through the pass-through. You can see the cookie jar on the counter next to the base of a food processor (as well as the reflection of it in the window). But you can’t tell how big it is. Just trust me that it’s enormous. And it was full of yummy chocolate cookies.

Working Title: Cookie Love
1st Sentence: They kept meeting at the cookie jar, one waiting while the other reached deep into the jar to fish out the chunky chocolate cookies.
Favorite Sentence: What did it mean that he was staring at her fingers like that, and as he did so, she found herself lingering over the chocolate bits on her hands, licking lightly and repeatedly, flicking her tongue like a wild thing?
Word Length: 699

Photo of Haystack kitchen through pass-through from dining hall.

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