Last Day of Place Series: Boston

27 Aug

I spent the day in Boston with my friend Mark. I took lots of pictures and tried to go thoughtful once in a while, but I never did take a few minutes out of our traipsing even to take notes for a story. Instead I carried my notebook to (an early) bed, reviewed my photos, and closed my eyes and waited…. As it happens, I have no photo to document the moment in our day that inspired this story. Instead I’ve posted here the favorite of my pictures. The shorty was inspired by the rest we took in the Public Garden, admiring the pretty lake and glimpsing from afar a big rock with… was that a mermaid??

Working Title: Lady of the Lake
1st Sentence: “For real,” she said.
Favorite Sentence: She ruffled the boy’s hair while he grinned up at her, one of his fingers sneaking toward the frilled edge of her tailfin.
Word Length: 883

Photo: A fountain in Leventhal Park in Boston, August 2012.

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