Last Day of Photo Series!

20 Aug

Saying goodbye to Week 16, but I’ll have to delay my virtual treat by one day in favor of posting the picture I used for today’s shorty. This story came to me very quickly and whole, so was fun and easy to write. And I like it. Overall I consider my week of photo prompts very successful. The stories came out odd but I like that. I sometimes had trouble going deep but don’t I always.  I do think starting with the photo stripped a layer of effort or pressure from the shorty mission. To sum: I will do this again.

Working Title: When I See Her
1st Sentence: I want her to come to me in beautiful, blessed moments.
Favorite Sentence: Once when I was at a wedding party and a young woman in a scarlet dress dragged her partner to the dance floor, where they flung each other in circles, stamping their feet, the skin of her legs flashing, her skirt like whirling flame, I thought, there, in all that life, in all that breathless movement, she will emerge.
Word Length: 521

Thanks again to Cynthia, who posed for this picture on the Marginal Way in Ogunquit, Maine (July 2012), and let me share it here.

One Response to “Last Day of Photo Series!”

  1. cynthia August 26, 2012 at 10:04 PM #

    You’re welcome! And I love that favorite sentence too.

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