Third time’s the charm.

16 Aug

Three starts today to get a shorty. And this is the third in my experimental “photo series” and today I’m really pleased with what I wrote. If forced to think like a critic I’m not sure how highly I’d rate this story but I went deep today, something I haven’t been able to do lately. You know when you’ve written something that matters. Not all stories that matter will be publishable, but in the end “publishable” is someone else’s lookout.

Working Title: Mr. Half-Caf
1st Sentence: You know the rule never to date where you work?
Favorite Sentence: And you know well that you should never eat popcorn around someone who doesn’t already love you, because there’s something about popcorn, you’ve never been able to eat it neatly, you are compelled to grab great fistfuls of it and cram it into your mouth and chomp it like a horse, your hands already digging around the bucket for more before you’re even close to swallowing.
Word Length: 914

Breaking New Grounds is a lovely coffee and tea shop at the end of Perkins Cove in Ogunquit, Maine. I took this picture of their logo inside the shop in July 2012.

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