Trying Something New

14 Aug

In the last few weeks I’ve been finding ways to defeat an increasing sense of mental fatigue. More on some of the tricks I’ve developed another time, but here’s my latest: I’ve brainstormed a list of types of prompts I can use to inspire shorties. On a given week I will use a particular kind of prompt every day. I fear that my mind will not love this kind of constraint and the overall quality of the shorties will suffer. But for now I want to see if using prompts reduces at least one kind of mental work by relieving me of the burden of creating  a story idea out of nothing and everything. My Daily Shorty weeks start on Tuesday so today I began a week-long story series using 7 selected photos from my recent trip to Ogunquit, Maine.

Working Title: Foot Eulogy
1st Sentence: Science can have everything but my foot.
Favorite Sentence: That’s not a problem with a flip-flop but since when would I (literally) be caught dead in a flappy, flat, half-assed parody of a shoe?
Word Length: 943

Thanks to my friend Cynthia, who let me take (and now post) this picture of her foot.

One Response to “Trying Something New”

  1. cynthia August 19, 2012 at 8:32 PM #

    Happy to lend my foot to the cause 🙂 And I love photo prompts.

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