What the hell?

7 Aug

Um… wow. This shorty includes the two most unlikable characters I’ve ever created. And I’ve created quite a few. But these two ladies are just…awful without being interesting. Nothing whatsoever to recommend them. Why? Why would I do that? Who wants to read about people like this? One very interesting thing about this challenge—I’ve written a lot of stories that are so different from my norm that I actually feel incapable of judging them. That’s never happened to me before. For now I trust it’s just the labor and intensity of the challenge and my Inner Critic will be just as full of herself as ever when it comes time for revision. No, Inner Critic, that was not an invitation, go back to your seat.

Working Title: Ladies Who Lunch
1st Sentence: What makes a waiter in his twenties think it’s okay—and actually not just okay but somehow flattering—to refer to two women in their forties as “girls”?
Favorite Sentence: More lime more lime, Romeo, more lime!
Word Length: 1,353

Photo here.

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