Still Wobbly

3 Aug

Again, had to work hard to get the story on the page and then I had to press like crazy to finish it. Really liked the vision for this one but had to settle for a mediocre delivery. Hope it comes together in revision. I really miss the days of this challenge when I had time to look at older stories and re-work them. Maybe soon I will find a better rhythm and add revision to my days again. Not until the Olympics are over, that’s for sure.

Working Title: Me, Too
1st Sentence: Juror #3 complained about the bottled water.
Favorite Sentence: They were arguing about the war, about the last thirty years of trickle-down economics, about gun control and racism and gay marriage, and whether public school students should be forced to observe a moment of silence before lunch because some Baptist kid had been taught to believe the whole world should stand still while he thanks Jesus for a bologna sandwich and a bag of Fritos.
Word Length: 1,071

Photo here.

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