Too many gaps!

26 Jul

Today I played that classic game of “Wait for the Plumber” or carpenter or cable guy or, in this case, the electrician. Plus given my truly extraordinary laziness when it comes to all things domestic, I had to play that even uglier game, “Clean for the Plumber.” Some of you know what I’m talking about. Because some stranger is coming by to fix the whatever, you look around and your comfy, plush, familiar nest morphs into the dusty, dish-and-crumb-strewn, “just put it somewhere,” embarrassing—no, horrifying—absolute mess that it always was. So not only are you a victim of the plumber or electrician’s mysterious and ever-changing schedule but you have to spend that time you’re trapped at home putting the place in shape for him, and although he doesn’t seem to care about appointments and deadlines, you are very much on the clock. If the plumber sees that crumpled Kleenex under the coffee table or the electrician notices all that hair stuck in your brush—well, I’m sorry to be the one to break the news if you happen to be in the dark on this, but that shit goes on your Permanent Record. All to say that I spent too little time on a shorty that I like and hope to fix in revision, and way too much time cleaning up for the electrician… who never came.

Working Title: Oh, no… Meatloaf!
1st Sentence: Mel took the test three times.
Favorite Sentence: What would enthusiasm look like on that flat face, on that wire-hanger body, in those shades of gray?
Word Length: 2,480

PS, Why “too many gaps”? Because I hand-drafted my shorty in the morning then left it to bedtime to type it in and fill in its few gaps. Except that when I went back to the story I discovered more gaps than I’d remembered and they were much bigger than I’d thought—more like crevasses. Three hours later, finally done  and falling asleep over my computer, I went to bed. And so for the first time since making this site public, I had to back-date a post. I blame the electrician.

One Response to “Too many gaps!”

  1. Pat July 27, 2012 at 1:11 PM #

    Poor guy. He’s so incompetent he gets blamed for things that he hasn’t even done yet.

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