A Happy Surprise

21 Jul

Slow in coming this morning. But then it came to me all at once and I trusted it so completely that I spent the entire day working on other things, coming back to the shorty for a more complete drafting only just before bed. So far this challenge has given me faith that I will always have another good story in me—maybe not today or tomorrow but soon. I decided to commit to a year because I really want to know if such a rigorous and disciplined practice will ultimately deplete or feed me. I suspect and hope that each story seeds another. That we can never run out in any case but that we are most full when we spend. Spoken like a woman high on a great writing session. Time will tell.

Working Title: In Tune
1st Sentence: She’d always loved to watch him tune his violin just before a performance.
Favorite Sentence: But she told him she had a feeling, a ripe, purple feeling, like the glistening center of a split plum torn from the pit.
Word Length: 1,040

Photo by Frinck51, May 2004

One Response to “A Happy Surprise”

  1. cynthia July 24, 2012 at 9:18 PM #

    I love this idea of one story seeding another and that the more you use, the more you find.

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