An Easy Short One

19 Jul

I was a child in the 1970’s so I remember very little of it—much more influenced by the 1980’s. But I do carry little snippets—more sense-memories than anything else and an overall feeling about the time. For some reason I woke up this morning with various bits and pieces from the 70’s  running through my mind. Macramé, bell bottoms, paisley. And the sentence, “I can’t argue that the 1970’s was a pretty decade,” a line that I included in the nicely short piece I wrote.

Working Title: He’ll Remember
1st Sentence: We get just one shot so we have to be right.
Favorite Sentence: You leaned into me, buried your head in my neck, and when I bent to kiss you my hair fell over us both like a silk scarf, that long, long hair, almost to my knees.
Word Length: 443

Photo by Saltmiser, November 2007.

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