Hello Week 11!

10 Jul

I can’t believe I forgot to congratulate myself for completing week 10 yesterday! No wonder I was cranky today. No virtual treat. So a luscious brownie for me now. Anyway, today I drafted three-quarters of something that didn’t interest me but I put it aside in hopes of getting something better. I kept coming back to the page after taking care of other life-things, but nothing would budge. Then I went searching through unfinished stories (the kind you know you’ll almost certainly never finish) and found a sentence that had good spark. Two one-hour sessions (mostly consisting of staring but eventually producing a couple of paragraphs) and one two-hour session of heavy-duty writing late tonight and I have a new shorty that, again, probably only a mother can love. Actually I’m beginning to think I’m losing my ability to judge whether my stories work. And I can’t decide if that’s good or bad. Likely both.

Working Title: Menu Math
1st Sentence: If you love tuna sandwiches, you’re high-strung and needy.
Favorite Sentence: It’s not that they genuinely expect the world to spasm and then re-shape itself into their image every time they let out one of these farts, it’s just that they’re shameless and cheap.
Word Length: 1,046

Photo by Neumüller Ferdinand.

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