First Tough Day

23 Jun

For the first time since I began this project, I feel daunted. I think (and hope) that I’m just reacting to putting this website together. I acquired the site in mid-June and started transforming my daily notes on the project into back-dated posts. Catching up has been extremely difficult—every day I write a new story that now has to be documented, so…. But what if my day of feeling overwhelmed is about the pressure to complete yet another story? Can’t think about that. Must take this project day-by-day or I’ll go fetal. Anyway. Today a very short one based on a memory. Enjoy your life on my hard drive, my dear story of June 23.

Working Title: Tuna Helper
1st Sentence: In those early days we ate nothing for dinner but tuna helper with peas, followed by the rare ice cream cone.
Favorite Sentence: I used the good olive oil to dress the steamed asparagus because when you can afford scallops and fresh asparagus, you own two kinds of olive oil and you know why and you know how to pick each kind.
Word Length: 418

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