Week 7 is complete!

18 Jun

I love fine chocolates (far more than I like the truffles that have been so hot at chocolate shops for what, at least a decade, now—people, do you have any idea how easy it is to make a scrumptious truffle at home?) But as I told my husband many years ago, proving once again that I have always been a cheap date, a dark Milky Way—I believe they’re calling it a “Midnight Dark” Milky Way these days—pleases me every bit as much as the finest chocolate I have ever tasted and I have tasted more than my share. So for this week I reward myself with a virtual “Midnight Dark.”

Working Title: What She Should Have Said
1st Sentence: This is what she thinks she should have said: “Take your fat paycheck and ram it, and take your sweet convertible and your season’s tickets and your front table at Marroque’s and your black and chrome espresso machine and ram those, too, because I am not your plaything, I am not your afternoon booty call, I am NOT an accessory, GET OUT!”
Favorite Sentence: I can’t wait to play his latest game, Bitch Hunter.
Word Length: 586

Photo by Evan-Amos, April 2011.

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