Nonsensical Prompt

14 Jun

I’m sick. A disgusting summer cold. Slept maybe 3 hours, woke up dazed. The words “Hog Hat Woman Wild with Hope” were in my head, so I went with it as a headline and wrote the accompanying fictional newspaper article as my story. Not a keeper.

Working Title: Hog Hat Woman Wild with Hope
1st Sentence: Denise Pelletier of Paris, Maine, is “wild with hope” as she takes her hat business national with a website launch this week.
Favorite Sentence: The hog hats, which come in six “moods”—Full & Happy, Fit & Savvy, Dream-Puss, Gloomy Gus, Steppin’ Out, and Grunt & Growl—are showing up all over central Maine and last week even made it to television when a man at a Boston Bruins game was pictured on camera, doing a victory dance with a Gloomy Gus snug on his head.
Word Length: 411

Photo here.

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